Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often will I be paid my commissions? pays affiliates one time on the following schedule: Sales you send between every Monday To Sunday will be paid every Monday ( 1 week Hold ).

2. How often to Statistics update?

Statistics update every 15 minutes. network operates on Dhaka Mean Time (GMT+6) timezone.

3. What is the Minimum payment??

Minimum payment is $100.00

4. How do I add keyword tracking to my linking code?

Add "&aff_sub1=KEYWORD" to the end of your linking code. Or multiple keywords would look like this: "ONE&aff_sub2=TWO&aff_sub3=THREE"

5. I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

You can retrieve your password here You can also change your password/user by contacting your Account Manager or email Be sure to include your full name, the e-mail address used to create your account and/or your ID number.

6. Can I send traffic from more than one site with 1 Affiliate ID?

You can send traffic from as many sites as you wish with 1 Affiliate ID. Please make sure to provide us with the urls that you will be sending traffic from.

7. Who should I contact if I have payment questions, problems, or need help?

Contact your Account Manager. Your Account Manager is happy to help you make the most money possible with . You can see contact information by logging into your account or email

8. What are the official Terms and Conditions?

9. What are the reasons why may reject my Affiliate Application?

You provided false or inaccurate information (incorrect name, phone number, address, site, etc.) on your application. We request references and also utilize our proprietary technology to cross reference all information that is provided Please make sure you provide full contact information (phone, email or Skype), only truthful, complete and accurate information that represents yourself, your industry experience and your intended promotional methods.

10. What kind of pixel is supported?

LoadedMoney accept image pixels with Postback URL.

11. Can I get paid for clicks ?

No. LoadedMoney is a performance-based network, only paying for qualified acquisitions (CPA, CPL, PPL, PPS) generated as a result of promotion. Therefore, we do not pay affiliates for clicks.

12. What kind of traffic is not allowed?

Incentivised Traffic is not allowed. Paying people to register for programs, asking your friends to join for the sole intention of making money via PPL program, asking friends on Social Media sites to "please join this free program" for the sole purpose of earning commissions, knowing that they will never become paying members, is not allowed and this traffic will not be paid and account terminated.

13. What payment method we allow?

Contact Your Affiliate Manager about payment method.